Monday, May 18, 2009

lion king

I don't know if i am sick or if i just have hella allergies. I went to sleep last night with a sore throat and not being able to breath. I hope its not something that the land man i work with had.. She was puking all last week. Eventually I went to sleep and at 3 a.m i get woken up by the wife saying i think someone is mowing their lawn! I immediately thought it was the asians next door because they do weird stuff at weird hours. but it was a police helicopter and cops looking for someone. It freaked her out. and today i promised to look into areas looking for the boogy man. But i checked the news and called the police and no one knows why a police copter was flying back and forth for and hour and a half. I took my mom to the lion king. It was very cool although it wasn't " perfect" it was hard getting my dad around because although we thought it would be easier it wasn't to take dad in a wheelchair. My dad and mom sat at one side and the other side of the isle the wife and I.. we sat behind a family of women and the mater familas was about 90 wearing a polyester coat/ outfit. and as the play started a ammonia smell crashed over us. at first we thought it was a full depends but no it was like old cat pee. and lots of it.. the entire play we were trying to not smell this noxious smell. we held our playbill to our nose the entire time. My mom thinks this is what is causing it.

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  1. wow.. not a good lion king experience, huh..

    and do you really think the cops are going to fess up to joe public calling in? nope.

    what else do the weird asians do at weird hours? i'm intrigued..