Thursday, January 29, 2009

hey everybody

Ok I am here I got married after new years and have been out of country till sunday. I was trying to catch up at work and deal with a crazy ice snowstorm. I will post pics eventually of the wedding honeymoon etc. Lots of funny things happened. I probably will write alot about it. I am from jayess and when it fell down and went boom. I just didn't do anything but wait. I am glad to see the people i follow here. I hope that we stick together it gives me something to laugh about and think about during my day. Quick story there is a hot dog place by my work that is OU themed (oklahoma) and yesterday braved the ice and went. got there there is a midget (small person i don't know what the difference is) and in a loud voice orders 6 chili dogs because he missed breakfast. anyways later as we are eating the behind the counter staff start talking about a short woman and keep going on about it. well the midget speaks up and says " so shes about my height then huh" i thought there was going to be a fight. but i think he was "special" because he just kept on eating his six chili dogs. my coworker was going to ask if that was going to slow his horse down but then we got distracted by a kid around 12 just licking his plate that had broccoli on it. at this point i thought it was best we leave.