Friday, March 20, 2009

bob barker in porn

saw this on the rags today. Thought this was funny.. come one down would mean a whole different thing if this would have happened.

" The National Enquirer is reporting that before Bob Barker made his name as the host of The Price is Right, he was offered a job doing pornographic films. At the time, he was a model in Palm Beach, and did some shoots that ended up in ads in road maps. Another photographer saw the pictures and decided to offer Bob the porn job when he traveled to California to become an actor. The story comes from his soon-to-be published memoirs called Priceless Memories, a play off the name of the show that made him famous.

“Bob says at the time he was a ‘buff’ photography model in Palm Beach,” a publishing source familiar with the book told The ENQUIRER.

“Pictures of him ended up in ads on road maps, with Bob posing as a ’smiling gas station attendant.’

“The hunky photos caught the attention of another photographer, who met with Bob when he went west to California to seek his fame and fortune.

“But this man had other plans for Bob - the man asked him to appear in porn movies!”

Bob turned down the offer and went on to find fame as the host of the popular CBS game show The Price Is Right.

[from the National Enquirer]

This is the National Enquirer, so take it with a grain of salt, but the story is so outlandish that I’m guessing it’s true. His charm on The Price is Right came from his approachability and wholesomeness - can you imagine sweet old Bob Barker gettin’ it on in front of a camera?

Still, his time on the show was fraught with sex scandals. The Price is Right women were often called “Bob’s Beauties” because he managed to seduce so many of them. He was also sued by one of the female presenters, Dian Parkinson, for coercing her into sex. Bob eventually admitted that they had slept together, but claimed that it was consensual. The case was dropped when Dian realized her resources couldn’t compete with the kind of lawyers Bob would be able to afford. Despite these sex scandals, Bob’s wholesome reputation remained intact.

Hopefully his memoirs will have even more of these scandalous stories - I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would be interested to hear what went on behind the cameras."

Thursday, March 19, 2009


from u2..
is it getting better or do you feel the same?
anyways things are better i think.. she just is having a hard time because she believes all men are pigs that cheat.
i don't
i may look
thats the problem is she has a low self esteem that this bothers her and then it bothers her that it bothers her..
thats a woman.
anyways things are good
going to see moutains saturday
its good to get away hopefully a healing trip.. maybe she can forget that she is having a hard time adjusting.
and just have a fun time

Monday, March 16, 2009

small update.

Things are settling down some around here. But currently at odds with the wife. short story women are nuts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Dad turned 60 this Monday. I have been very busy this week with my team moving office buildings and a asset review so i didn't write this the day it happened. My dad went to the navy at 19, wanted to go to the air force but they contacted him right after he enlisted. He wanted to do something cool but Uncle Sam needed him in the boiler room for the uss constellation. anyways he then got out and worked for the FAA. started in the warehouse packing boxes, but after some schools he became a plumber, an AC man, A mechanic, and an electrician all at uncle Sam's expense. He always provided for me and is/was a very good friend. I have a great relationship with my dad the only time things got "heated" was when i was 13 and my mom tried to spank me and i grabbed the wooden spoon and told her no. I was called out to the garage where my dad was working on the car and as he flexed his muscles said "boy you obey your mother or you are going to have to deal with me and if you think you are big enough then lets go" needless to say i did what i was told because at that time my dad would have whooped my ass. He gave me very good life advice and we went fishing in his boat every summer. we didn't have much money but we always had "vacations" even if it was just camping at the lake. My best memory is when my I was called to the principles office in 2nd grade and instead of being in trouble my dad was there with the truck and bass boat and we went fishing instead. He was always fun to talk to and alot like me. In 1992 he had a tumor on his auditory nerve between his brain and ear drum in his inner ear, we thought it was an infection etc but during the operation they had to cut the nerve to remove the tumor. he lost his sense of balance some and he was now deaf in one ear but that was it. Well he never went back for a follow up (we didn't know he was supposed too) and two years ago he went in for a hearing aid for his other ear. well they did the check up then and in the previous surgery left a tiny tiny piece of the tumor. well unchecked that thing grew and was so big it was actually pressing on his brain stem and coming out of his skull. they cut his head open (again) and lifted his brain up again and took all of the tumor out. It wrapped itself around his facial nerve so they cut that out but while they were at it they cut a nerve on his tongue and connected it to his facial nerve. he had very high blood pressure and i asked the doctor about it and they didn't seem too concerned at the time but after the surgery he had a stroke. Later they found out that it was a hormone imbalance of his adrenal glands the entire time. and this could have been prevented. This caused him to have problems talking, eating and walking. He has half of his face numb and he sees double. He also had his eye stitched with two stitches because he cant really blink. He is doing much better now except the blinking thing and the double vision thing. And his balance is not returning he constantly feels like he is falling. He uses a walker or a wheelchair most of the time. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and she is the primary caregiver. and that is why i am living in Oklahoma ( but honestly I like it better than Houston). I am trying to help them out and let my dad have a few really good experiences and life.
Me and dad at my wedding looking good I don't have any more here at work.
but happy birthday dad i am glad you are here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

monday sux

so I was going to do a really good post but that will have to wait till tomorrow because i am living on very little sleep insomnia is a bitch. My wife had insomnia too so she canceled out on the basketball game tonight. So I am trying to get rid of NBA tickets in the 100's