Wednesday, April 22, 2009

story for the js'rs

So on the simons journal. there is a whole thing for shoe porn. well here is a use for the shoes

AKRON, Ohio - The Akron Police Department is investigating a fight between two exotic dancers at a strip club -- that sent one of the entertainers to the hospital.

The victim, Jo Ellen Nolan, 52, says she recently lost her job so she accepted a friend's offer to take a position as a dancer at Club 1245 in Akron. But police say on her first night at work, one of her new co-workers took exception to Nolan's presence in the dressing room at the club and began shouting at her.

Nolan says the other dancer then attacked her with a high-heel shoe, striking her in the head multiple times. After bouncers broke up the fight, Nolan was taken to Akron General Hospital, where she was treated for lacerations on her forehead and on the top and side of her head.

Doctors had to use staples to close some of the cuts.

Nolan says it was "the worst pain, nobody wants to get hit in the head, especially with a hard shoe."

The owner of Club 1245 declined comment on the allegations but a manager told Fox 8 News over the phone that Jo Ellen Nolan was not considered an employee of the club.

Akron Police were notified about the incident by the hospital and have launched an investigation.

"Obviously it is a crime," Lt. Rick Edwards said. "Our officers marked it as a felonious assault because there's permanent damage on her head where she had staples put in her forehead and on the side of her head."

So far, authorities have been unable to identify the dancer who attacked Nolan. But they have a lead, she goes by the stage name "Beautiful."

Nolan says her days as a dancer are now over, telling Fox 8, "I've learned my lesson. I think I was just being stupid anyway. I just have to go to a temporary service or keep looking for a job. That was just an easy way out and it turned out to be H-E-double-L."

the fox station had a video but it wasn't in a youtube format etc..
anyways wow!


  1. Oh my god. That must have been horrible!!!

  2. hey, those stripper shoes are sharp! i nearly cut my man's face to shreds doing that "stripper shoe clack" above his head.. bit of bad timing on our parts and his jugular wouldve been sliced open.. they are some sharp instruments!!

  3. really snow? you are supposed to do that after his head is down there. or something..

  4. he likes the clack.. he asked for it.. it was just bad timing. he came up for air.

    and liz - yes! and a good thing too because those bitches are about $60 a pop!

  5. Stripper-on-stripper crime is the worst kind of crime.