Tuesday, April 21, 2009

catch up

Ok been gone for a while.
Sorry about that
I just haven't felt like writing, and i have been hella busy. I have a corporation comission hearing which was going to be next week-then end of may now first of june, a terrible risk anaylisis class (pete rose) where one of the instructors was a squinty eyed canadian that thought he was the shit. My nickname for him.. guido.
OK then me and the wife go to sonic for a 99 cent candy sundae. Anyways long story short I made a joke that she was a prostitute to her and we laughed about it but then all the guys and even the carhops were kinda giving us a look. Well we decided two things, A. They were listening to us way after the order was made and B. I had to get out of there before they really could memorize what we looked like.
We decided that next time we should make up stories or a script for those guys. any ideas?
also I find that i am obsessed with catching up or staying current with certain websites, like break.com, college humor, and now pmates.com.
I have some pics from my last trip to colorado, went to utah had some good pics. I will post them eventually. I leave next week for a field course which i think will be ok. I miss the old js and the people too many people are leaving or not getting on and we don't know when people leave comments on our pages.
well just saying i love all of you (purely platonic of course) wink.


  1. me too! (its truly an okie thing) but i love their onion rings, and the cherry limades.

  2. About damn time you posted!!!!

    Pics please!!!


  3. i wish we had braums.. i love that shit..

  4. yes i did too. but the customer service there sux.
    however i hope you got some good ideas for computer surfing.. let me know if you post! lol